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In April, 2006 I could no longer continue reading the glowing stories of the successful development of a model eco-town in Huangbaiyu without becoming angry or depressed. When approached by reporters researching a story on the model development for BBC World Service, I said that I would talk to them if they’d leave Dai’s receiving hall, and come with me into the village--into the areas where the residents of these valleys lived, rather than in the office of the developer, or on the construction site.

Those spaces were places that the people who lived in Huangbaiyu were almost never invited. And so I began to share the data I gathered through conversations made possible through months building personal relationships with the individuals and families who lived in Huangbaiyu. And I took these reporters, and every other that followed, into the homes of families, and encouraged them to ask questions directly of the people who lived in these valleys and what they thought of and how they experienced the model development project in their midst, rather than relying on press releases and sales pitches.  Soon coverage on Huangbaiyu began to change, as reporters now had access to data culled from the reality of this place and its people rather than only from a sales pitch in a controlled office.

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(additional articles, particularly those before 2005 & Chinese press will be added)

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    Simultaneously published as:

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